Science Week

Evolution, Nouha, 2023 © ABS

Scientific research, excellence in education, and the dissemination of knowledge are at the core of UM6P’s missions. In this context, the UM6P Science Week is an annual event centered around a recurring theme: “At the Frontiers of Science.”

The UM6P Science Week revolves around a central, transdisciplinary colloquium, complemented by keynote lectures, reading circles, exhibitions, and more.

The ambition of this major event in the academic year is to place UM6P on the global knowledge map by showcasing the latest advances in the disciplines studied at UM6P. Distinguished speakers, gathered in Benguerir, engage in discussions with students with the aim of sharing, stimulating, and breaking down knowledge barriers.

While primarily organized for UM6P students, the Science Week also aims to equip students with the tools to think critically, question the world, and transcend disciplinary boundaries, in line with the ethos of a polytechnic university.

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