Interdisciplinarity and metabiology. A conversation with Virginia Chaitin

Interview conducted by Nicolas Sperry-Guillou
UM6P, Benguerir Campus, December 12th, 2023

In this interview with independent epistemologist Virginia Chaitin, we discuss her academic background in philosophy of science and the impact of influential thinkers such as Karl Popper, Paul K. Feyerabend, or Gilles Deleuze on her intellectual pursuits. After elaborating on the key difference between episteme and doxa, Virginia presents mimetic concept migrations and how she applies this transdisciplinary approach to her husband Gregory Chaitin’s work on metabiology. Finally, we discuss the upcoming Feyerabend Centennial event (, scheduled during UM6P’s Science Week (February 2024).

Virginia M.F. Gonçalves Chaitin is currently an independent researcher and is in residence at the Institute for Advanced Studies at the UM6P in Benguerir for the year 2023/24. Her current research topics are an epistemic evaluation of meta-biology, epistemological criteria for inter and transdisciplinary research, different knowledge systems based on different forms of rationality, comparing and contrasting Paul Dirac’s and Paul Feyerbeand’s philosophy of science, and exploring the synergy between 20th-century artistic movements and Feyerabend’s pluralistic philosophy. She is also working to organize the philosopher of science Paul K. Feyerabend Centennial 2024 events as a member of the International Steering Committee.

This episode is also available as a podcast on our Soundcloud channel 


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