Reda Benkirane – Chair / Affiliate Full Professor

Reda Benkirane, sociologist and anthropologist, is a researcher in social sciences and an expert in international relations who has been working for UN agencies and NGOs for more than thirty years. His empirical research covers mainly urbanization, complexity, radicalism, and contemporary issues on Islam.

Read more about his bio-bibliography here.

Email: reda.benkirane[at]

Nicolas Sperry-Guillou – Program Director 

Nick is a French-American teacher and manager with experience in leading academic initiatives for international organizations. He holds a BA in English literature and an MA in sociology of religion, focusing his research on religious diversity in contemporary societies. With a well-honed skill set in project management and instructional design, Nick has successfully run academic programs and facilitated transformative change within organizations. His expertise extends to teaching mindfulness in education, driven by his passion for helping students develop life-skills and enhance their learning experience.

Nick leads various initiatives within the Chair, including the Edge Dynamics program, as well as several editorial and translation projects.

Email: nicolas.sperry-guillou[at]

Aïmane El Bakkali Kassimi – Research Associate

Aimane is a psychotherapist with a private practice and a trainer in personal development. His deep passion for human connections extends to his work in schools and educational settings where he engages with children and young people, and all the people in their orbit, such as parents, teachers, or educators. A dedicated follower of Carl Rogers, he bases his practice on the paradigm of humanistic psychology. This approach has enabled him to distinguish himself through his research findings and publications, including Pour une école bienveillante au Maroc (Onze Editions,2019).

Hind Aboulazm – Student Assistant

Hind, a third-year student at UM6P, is currently pursuing a degree in Healthcare Management and Logistics. Her academic journey centers around healthcare management principles, organizational structures, strategic planning, and financial management, all within the context of hospital operations.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Hind is an individual who enjoys content creation, volunteering, travel, and social networks. 

Hind broadened her horizons through an enlightening experience in international psychology. This opportunity arose during the Stevens Virtual Exchange course with Goucher College in the USA. This experience significantly expanded her understanding of global psychological theories, research, and practices. It emphasized the influential role of culture and context on human behavior and mental health.

Samia Erraji – Student Assistant

Samia is a student currently in her second year of pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Operations and Digitalization at the Green Technology Institute within UM6P. Beyond her academic pursuits, Samia is an active member of the Cyborgs Club, driven by her interest in robotics.

Samia is also passionate about community involvement. She actively participates in volunteer activities, with a particular focus on educational initiatives. Her commitment to community engagement is exemplified by her involvement in the Social Experience Program offered by the Career Center at UM6P.

Samia’s journey into the professional world is marked by an internship experience at the Green Energy Park, where she gained hands-on exposure to renewable energy and the development of environmentally-friendly smart buildings. 

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